Services and Specialties

The services and specialties I provide are listed below.  Many therapists provide a myriad of services, however, outcomes are best when you see a counselor that is highly skilled in the area you need treatment.  I have been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Exposure Response Prevention Therapy (ERP).  All of these methods are very effective in the treatment of the following:

I Provide Services to:

  • Individuals (adults)
  • Children and Adolescents (ERP for OCD only)
  • Couples

Anxiety and Stress

Having a panic attack or high anxiety can be frightening and disorienting – often mimicking the feelings of having a heart attack!

services and specialties, Anxiety, Social Anxiety

Don’t Let Anxiety Isolate You

For effective relief, I use easy and effective counseling methods.  CBT and DBT have long been the preferred treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Social Anxiety. As a result, you can regain control of your life while reducing or eliminating anxiety. Because I teach you how to use your existing skills to improve your day-to-day function, symptoms can be reduced quickly.

Codependency / Relationship Issues

Do you feel responsible for others’ problems? Are you so busy taking care of others that you neglect yourself? Do you try to please people so they will like or love you? services and specialities, Couples Counseling, Relationship CounselingHave you ever felt that others would reject you or abandon you if they really knew you? Probably you have symptoms of codependency or enmeshment. Your relationship will improve, as these symptoms can be managed and eliminated. As a result of compelling counseling methods, you can feel happy, whole, and worthwhile.  Enjoy a relationship in which you feel valued.  Learn to clearly and easily talk to your partner.  Fighting a lot? This, too, can be reduced so yo feel more joy.


Even though you may struggle with anger and all the consequences of that anger, your behavior can be changed. You can live the life you have always dreamed of. As a result of breaking old habits and creating new ways of living, you can have a full, happy and productive life. Furthermore, I equip you with the tools necessary to let go of anger, repair broken relationships and deal with problems in a positive manner.